Tour Diary, Monday, Feb 28, 2022

It's Monday but still feels like Sunday. I'm staying at my friend Anna's house in Medford, OR. It's good to see her as I haven't seen her since September when she stayed at our place to watch Lena (our cat) while we were in Europe on tour. 

Medford is a nice little town, lots of stuffs in the downtown area. I don't see any of it as I catch up on sleep and do some laundry. I swap some texts with my buddy Rami about the Foos movie "Studio 666" and I get online looking for it showing near me and sure enough it's on the Cineplex here in Medford. The movie is fucking funny and "fuck" is probably the most said word in the whole movie. Not even probably. I laughed out loud in the theater. 

I saw a review saying the movie didn't have a good opening weekend like a comedy/horror movie by Foo Fighters is supposed to be some gigantic millions grossing movie. It was a cult classic before it even hit the theater! JFC. 

That said, go see it. It's funny, it's campy and it feels like hanging out with them. 

Tomorrow I drive to Cottage Grove, OR and play at the Axe & Fiddle. Right now I'm just going to doomscroll about Ukraine. Boy Zelenskyy has a set of brass balls huh?


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