May 4, 2021

Hey everyone! Just a quick note. * 

I'm going to be live on 

WaveRadio Boston 

Tuesday, May 4 from 4-5 pm (PST) or 7-8 pm (Boston Time) 

I'm also doing my 

Tuesday Lunch Time Show 

this week on Tuesday from 12-1 pm (PST) or 3 pm EST and 9 pm (CET) 

I also did an interview with 

Starlite Sessions 

in Edmonton and will be featured on their site on Saturday, June 5. I may have even instigated a fight with them over the 1988 Stanley Cup Finals and accused Wayne Gretzky of sabotage on the old Boston Garden. If I have to fight all of Edmonton I hope some of you will have my back on this one. 

I was also featured on Cashbox magazine's site as well. 

I am also now fully vaxed and looking forward to getting back out in the world very soon. I've even booked a couple shows up the west coast the end of June. Slowly, safely. It's such a weird feeling but I can't wait to see everyone's faces again! 



P.S - I'm looking at the end of July for the vinyl to be in. I'm getting super excited about that - remember, this is a limited pressing of only 200 records and a whole bunch of bonus things to make it special. Pre-order is HERE. 

*I dig this picture and the hat. If you look in my eyes you can see that I took this picture myself. It looks very Ray Wylie Hubbard to me.

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