December 10, 2021

I've been hibernating for a few weeks. It's a good and necessary thing. Re-charge the batteries and all. I had about 2 months were I was really kind of down and bleak. That shit comes and goes and finding ways to ride it out gets harder as we get older. Or maybe it gets easier, I don't know, depends on the day. I'm still rehearsing a couple hours every day and working on arrangements and performing.

In any case I've been focused on getting a U.S. based booking agent for 2022. I've spent over a week researching agents and fine tuning my pitch and so far... well so far I still don't have an agent but I've only reached out to three places. I got one no, one very nice and complimentary no and one can we have a meeting next week. So that's progress.

I've also been booking on my own because there's no point in waiting around and I have booked shows in NH, MA, CA, AZ, WA, OR and if I can fill in the gaps - at least one in TN. The touring vehicle is getting new tires this week. I've also secured a few shows in Austria and Germany for September/October of 2022. 

The really cool news of the day comes from the U.K. where I've made a "Best of 2021" list. The Rocking Magpie is a music blog that has been super generous and complimentary towards me over the years and this year was no different. Thank you Alan Magpie!  Go dig his list here, there's some good stuff on there and he's one of the good ones out there writing for the love of music. 

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