February 1, 2021

I went to town setting up a live stream over the weekend with Tracy and all that only to have technology fight me every step of the way. 

If you tuned in, I apologize. There was slow internet issues (that I have since fixed) and audio issues with Facebook Live (that I can't fix). I spent a large amount of time trying to figure out what went wrong with the audio, I had this all worked out and Facebook changed something in their settings that prevents any iPhones or iPads from using external audio sources. The worst part was thinking that I was doing something wrong when it was not me at all. When so many things that are unfixable in the world, having this small technological thing that I had figured out taken away from me was Extremely frustrating. I am trying to find a work around but even that is frustrating because I already fixed it once.

I know that change always happens and I'm not someone who is adverse to change but annoyed when things get broken that were working just fine.

I've booked a few in person shows starting in September and I'm hoping that isn't still too soon. It's important to start planning ahead as without something to look forward to the braincloud* gets bigger and harder to see through. 

Rehearsing in my studio so that my songs and performance is better when we all emerge from this fog of covid is something I work on daily. Staring at the same walls you can sometimes feel them closing in. We went for a drive yesterday and just being in a car on the highway felt refreshing and I suddenly missed a long car ride. I cannot wait to be on the road bringing my songs and stories everywhere again. And yet, as soon as we were near people yesterday, I couldn't wait to get home. I fear that the unknown side effect of Covid is going to be more cases of agoraphobia or anthropophobia. I can already feel myself becoming a little more socially distant and just wanting to hide at home. 

Plus sides for today: Stacey Abrams being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. That's amazing.

Be well, talk soon.







*For fans of Joe vs The Volcano. 

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