Whether the wider world recognizes it or not, he ought to be considered an essential Americana master.”

— Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine Magazine, Author of "Americana Music"

From Heike's Garden Party, Bremen, Germany, October 2022. Photo by Norbert A. Mueller

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After moving from Boston to Southern California, he founded one of Orange County’s leading Americana Rock bands, The Fallen Stars. He tours mostly solo now, blending rock and roll energy, country flavored instrumentation and folk inspired storytelling he’s a throwback to a bygone era of mix tapes and AM Gold. Bobbo read too much Kerouac as a youth and though he no longer hitchhikes he is still a vagabond at heart seeking to continue on his path - singing and strumming, learning and sharing stories, connecting with people and leaving a wake of happiness behind him.

New release: October (2023)

While on tour in Europe in autumn of 2022, Bobbo booked a recording session at Hansa in Germany and Windmill Lane in Ireland and recorded his new album in just those two days. Using what he had on him, acoustic guitar, mandolin, delay pedal and e-bow, he crafted some new songs on the road, channeled Bowie in Berlin and some trad Irish in Dublin and the new album “October” is already drawing comparisons to Glen Hansard, The Waterboys and Ed Sheeran. Bobbo is currently booking US and European tours for 2024.

Last time a Bobbo Byrnes album came my way I said I couldn't understand why he wasn't better known. Still can't! A lower-key acoustic outing this time, but still great tunes in a country-folk style: somewhere between Whiskeytown and Jason Isbell. SeaGreenNumber5 is a masterclass in songwriting.”

Rock N Reel Magazine UK

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