Q: How do you say your name?
A: It's like Bobby but with a long O. Bob-Oh.  Bobbo. 

Q: I understand you love toast, what's with that?
A: What's to understand? Toast is fantastic. 

Q: Do you really bring a toaster on tour with you?
A: Usually.

Q: Do you make toast at shows?
A: Often. If a venue already has food, I tend to leave the toaster in the van.

Q: I understand you're a hockey goalie, how does that play into being a musician and songwriter?
A: Wow, good question. Well, I was a hockey goalie until I got hit by a bus while riding a bicycle and my left knee can't do the stuff anymore but to answer your question - I was a standup goalie and when the butterfly style came into being I wasn't able to adapt my style of play and I lost out on opportunities because I was unable and frankly, unwilling, to change. I never again want to be so tied down to the old way of doing a thing just because. Now I try to embrace change whenever possible.

Q: When you say “about” you sound Canadian. Where are you from?
A: Oh, that is so nice of you to say. I'm actually from just outside of Boston, a town called Billerica.

Q: Will you play any Steely Dan?
A: Next question.

Q: Seriously, what's your beef with Steely Dan?
A: I have no beef with Steely Dan. My beef is with the Dropkick Murphys. 

Q: Wait, what? What's with you and the Dropkick Murphys?
A: They know what they did. 

Q: I feel like we're getting off track here.
A: That is quite common. Would you like some tea?

Q: Oh, that's very nice of you. Wait, how am I answering questions now?
A: Things get turned around sometimes. It's alright. 

Q: I totally forget what I was going to ask now. 
A: The best song of all time is Boston's “More than a feeling.” I will not be answering any follow up questions.