July 25, 2022

Hey folks, 

We had a great time at the OC Fair on Saturday night. Nice crowd and we rocked it up pretty good. 

Special shoutout to my Patreons and new mailing list members! 

First up is I have 3 shows in the OC this week: 

Monday, July 25 - Live on KOCI 101.5FM 8 pm (listen live here) 
Tuesday, July 26 - Campus Jax, Newport Beach, CA 
Wednesday, July 27 - The Mamba, Huntington Beach, CA 

In August it's just 4 gigs on two different coasts: 

Friday, August 12 - House Concert, Greenfield, NH 
Saturday, August 13 - Union Coffee, Milford, NH 3-6 pm 
Friday, August 19 - Silverado Canyon Market, Silverado, CA 
Saturday, August 20 - The Night Owl, Fullerton, CA 

Then after that it gets a bit crazy even for me and I could use a little help. You see, I usually book things way out ahead of time but I had something new come up and it's left me with some empty space in my touring schedule that I'm trying to fill last minute.* I know that sounds a little vague and I have reached out to some friends who are trying to put some stuff together for me but here's how it shakes out. 

I will be in Europe for near 7 weeks. I start in Austria and then head west to Germany and Belgium. After that I head to the U.K. where I don't have anything confirmed yet and then Ireland where I only have two things confirmed the end of the month. So it leaves me with like 10-12 days of nothing. 

"Nothing" on tour means going broke. I'm going to apply for a busker permit in Dublin so I can do a bit of that but that's not enough. 

What I'm asking for is if you know of anyone, anyplace or anything that could use some of what I do in the U.K. or Ireland in October. That would be fantastic. Hell, even a couch to crash on would be great. 

This is my schedule so far: 

Friday, September 16, The Red Rooster, Steyr, Austria 

Saturday, September 17, Museum Gugging, Klosterneuburg, Austria 

Sunday, September 18, Museum Gugging, Klosterneuburg, Austria 

Wednesday, September 21, Shakespeare Theater Pub (unconfirmed), Weyhe, Germany 

Thursday, September 22, Markthalle Acht, Bremen, Germany 

Friday, September 23, Zenneget 13, Mechlen, Belgium 

Saturday, September 24, Wohnzimmer im Piepenstock, Dortmund, Germany 

Sunday, September 25, Heike's Garden Party, Bremen, Germany 

Tuesday, September 27, Private Show, Delmonhorst, Germany 

Wednesday, September 28, Harrier Hof, Brake, Germany 

Thursday, September 29, Tillmann Hahns Gasthaus, Kühlungsborn, Germany 

Friday, September 30, Bernd's Church, Walsrode, Germany 

Saturday, October 1, Bootshaus Verden, Germany 

Sunday, October 2, Private Show, Verden, Germany 

Wednesady, October 5, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany 

Thursday, October 6, Recording at Hansa Studios Berlin 

Friday, October 7, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany 

Saturday, October 8, Shakespeare Theater Pub, Herdecke, Germany 

Sunday, October 9, Cologne, Germany 

October 11-17 - U.K. (waiting on dates in Cambridge, Cornwall) 

October 18-23 - Ireland (nothing booked) 

October 24-27, Songwriter Retreat, Inisheer, Ireland 

Friday, October 28, Inisheer, Ireland 

Saturday, October 29, Galway, Ireland 

That's all for today. I will of course be keeping a tour diary during all of this and I may even do a pre-tour diary so you can see how to pack with one bag and one guitar for 7 weeks. I'm going as guerilla style as possible with all the airline issues with luggage I'm trying to keep everything on me as much as I can and not check any bags or guitars. 

xo and talk soon. 

*Last minute in Europe means anything less than 6 months in advance. Last minute in the U.S. is...well, I got asked last week to perform this week ~ so it's...different.

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