Update: Sunday, September 25, 2022

Moin Moin!! 

Yes, we’re in Bremen again. The Meritim Hotel has the best shower I’ve ever used and is nearly worth the price of this room.* 

We’re heading to Heike’s Garden Party this afternoon and hoping the rain waits until tomorrow. It could go either way at this moment. This week we travel across the top of Germany from the North Sea to the Baltic. Have had amazing shows already. I’ve also updated the Tour Diary on the News page of my site. So if you feel like you’re missing out - it’s all there. It’s also being updated on Facebook and IG and TikTok because one place is not enough in the modern world.  

I’ve also booked a couple things in November for when we get back at the Night Owl and at Bogart’s Coffee and I’m also the feature at the Anaheim Public Library in January. And have also started talking to folks in Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana and Texas about a March tour. So if you live anywhere in between, hit me up and lets make it happen. 

Next week I’ll be in Berlin recording at the world famous Hansa studios** and hopefully creating some magic of my own. 

That’s all for now. And to Mario in Steyr, Austria - Sorry about not having Motel Americana on hand, I will mail it out to you this week.  

That’s all I can think of for now. 



*It’s got a digital readout and you can set the temperature and not only has the regular handheld mountable shower handle but also has the overhead “rain” setting but get this - the rain setting is also pressurized. I know! Really it is the little things in life.  

**This is where David Bowie made Heroes and U2 made Actung Baby. 

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