July 11, 2022

Had a nice little break from stuff for... hmmm, I guess it was only like 4 days but it felt longer. 

Southern California weather is heating up and I'm hiding in my studio working on music for my Patreons (the next one is an OLD folks tune from the 1700s!) and working to fill in more dates in Europe. I've pretty much decided to do this thing in Galway, Ireland the end of October which extends my tour by like 3 weeks so now I'm scrambling a bit to fill in the two empty weeks from when my tour ends in Germany and I have to be in Galway. I have friends in the U.K. working to book me stuff and I've reached out to a few places in Ireland as well. I want to show them my Byrne(s) crest of arms tattoo so they know I'm alright to bring in but I'm sure they get that shit all the time. 

This weekend I head up the west coast for a couple of shows and then next week back here in OC for the OC Fair as I have 3 shows there over a couple of days. It's crazy to think - as I'm driving all over the U.S. - I'm looking at distances in Ireland and like Dublin to Galway is across the country, one coast to the other and it's a shorter drive than when I used to drive to Santa Barbara for band rehearsal. 

Really hoping the gigs come together. 

that's all for now.

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