Tour Diary, Saturday, Sept 24, 2022

I’m supposed to play in Dortmund tonight but a message from the venue cancels that today. He got his dates wrong and thought the show was next week and the venue is closed this week because he is in Switzerland on holiday and since the club is run by him - it’s not happening.  

Bummer. These things happen. Rarely here but Marco’s a great guy and we’ll go back next year. 

So instead I drive back to Bremen and I will be with Tracy tonight instead of tomorrow. Linings made of silver, ya know? 

Now how am I going to spice up the fact that I just drove 4 hours back here and did laundry? 

Tracy and I start the laundry and start organizing the merch box. 

A woman walks into the laundromat wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. We can’t let a thing like that slip by so we start up a conversation with Maria. She asks what we’re doing in Bremen, we tell her we’re on tour playing shows and I hand her one of our Fallen Stars cds.  

She looks at the cd for a second. 

“Are you still with Songs & Whispers?” 

“Huh? How do you know about them?” 

“I used to live in Hamburg and did some work for them and I remember you guys.”  

This is literally the only person we’ve spoken to today and she knows who we are.  

Small world after all.

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