House Concert FAQ

"Why house concerts?"

So many reasons. You and your friends get an absolutely intimate show, preferably with no amplification, no tv distraction, a clean bathroom, the bar likely has your favorite brands and cheaper and not just that but the show begins and ends at the time you want it to. You want a Sunday afternoon show? Sure. You want a Wednesday 7-9 show? Done. 

 "Can I afford a house concert?"

Most likely yes. This can be done with a suggested donation at the door (typically $15-20) or a pass the hat.  If you don't feel comfortable asking folks to pay, we can figure something out and negotiate a fee.  Again, I have done house concerts for about a dozen people and I've also done them for over 350. 

 "My house is too small for a house concert."

It may be but I have a favorite house concert that I play almost every year and their living room seats about 10 people. I love playing here so much that often when I'm rehearsing by myself - I'm imagining playing in this room. 

 "I don't think I want strangers in my house."

That's ok. You don't have to. You can set up your house concert for just your friends. I will keep the date listed as a "private event" on my website and not share any info you're not comfortable with. If someone asks me about coming to the show, I will ask you if it's ok beforehand. It is your house.