June 6, 2024

Had a great session in the studio yesterday. Started off by working on Miracle Laurie's new album (which is near done) and we're fine tweaking parts and even re-writing another song. She and I have been writing together for a little over a year and there's a genuine authenticity that comes through her writing, it's honest and pure and I love it. 

Then last night I had the Acoustic Librarian in the studio and we were recording drum parts on three of his songs. Matt Froehlich was behind the kit and he makes it look easy. The first time Matt and I worked in the studio together was in 2013 on the first Riddle & The Stars album and he's pretty much been the dude since then. 

Today I made boring studio purchases. Seriously. Do you know how dull it is to have to shop for a new 7-pin XLR cable for a tube mic? I almost fell asleep typing that sentence! 

Now I'm off to tune a piano and then this afternoon finishing up the press release for some PR of the new album and some fancy meetings and then at the library tonight…

All music, all the time. 

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