"Last time a Bobbo Byrnes album came my way I said I couldn't understand why he wasn't better known. Still can't! A lower-key acoustic outing this time, but still great tunes in a country-folk style: somewhere between Whiskeytown and Jason Isbell. SeaGreenNumber5 is a masterclass in songwriting."  Rock N Reel Magazine U.K. 


As a growing number of press officers try to trick us humble columnists into downloading their damn digital files, instead of sending us like time immemorial a good old physical puck (you will see that they will ask us to also soon to vacuum), Bobbo Byrnes just sent me not a copy of his latest album, but TWO ..! And he scribbled in a fine point pen on the back of his press release: “Patrick, thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy. I sent a second CD for you to give to a friend ”! Enough to arouse a sympathy that is certainly detrimental to critical objectivity, but cool all the same, in these times of stinking corporate, no? So we do our homework, and we realize by consulting his site that Bobbo is not only a cool guy, but also a big mouth, who even arrogates to himself the privilege of lowering the hits whose lyrics he considers below a quality decent minimum, in this stupid competition that the industry continues to call the charts. And it's not only clever, relevant and well-argued but it illustrates an additional dimension of the character: nice and not boring at the same time ... How not to dub him for one of our own? Eternal traveler, this guy has almost a different group by region of the world he frequents: in his California of residence, they are The Fallen Stars (i.e. his wife on bass, and Matt Froelich on cajon, drums and various percussions), while in New England, it is based on the Two-Fifths (Gary Young and Dave Ballou), in Germany, it is Die Gefallen Sternen (Sam Barnard, Niklas Herzog and Mona Li), and in Austria, Roman Sonnleitner (whose patronymic deserves a translation in itself). This turns out to be his fourth album since 2017, and if he does not shy away from composing alone, seven of these eleven new titles present him there in co-writing with friends, among whom is the Australian Ben Riddle, but also Morgan Keating, Chuck Roberts, Georgiana Hennessy, Kalai King and his own wife, Tracy.

On the instrumental level, Bobbo Byrnes is not one-armed either, as he officiates not only on six- and twelve-string guitars, but also on mandolin, accordion, piano, pedal steel and banjo. And from the first three tracks of this CD, we can sense the almost manic devotion he devotes to his art: from songwriting to interpretation and arrangements everything here is weighed and chiseled with expert care. 

If the opening “Queen of The Party” borrows its style from the long tradition of the Byrds and the Burrito Brothers (even citing “Sweetheart Of The Rodeo” from its first verse, with this jingle-jangle characteristic of the Rickenbackers of McGuinn et al. ), “Favorite Photograph” (almost the namesake of a song by the late Guy Clark) and “When We Ride” sound to Peter Case and Chris Wilson's solo debut. “Eveline” evokes for its part the REM of “Out Of Time” (with its mandolin in the vein of “Losing My Religion”) and Elliott Murphy also, by the grace of a “goodbye” in French in the text, while the splendid “December” does the same for the Elvis Costello of “Almost Blue”, with the moan of this languid pedal-steel as a subtext. The delicate picking of “Every Sound That Crashes” (echoed by Georgiana Hennessy's viola) recalls the Cat Stevens of half a century ago, while the latter is illustrated on the violin on the Celtic instrumental “Geo's Jig ”(where Froelich supports her on the cajon), and that “Sight Of Me” and “Running Back To You” refer to the early Anders Osborne. This kaleidoscope of references (all subjective though they remain) should not obscure the undeniable personality of a first-rate songwriter. In contrast to a motley blend of various pastiches, this album, on the contrary, conceals an impressive coherence. The work of a major player in contemporary Americana, with whom we will now have to reckon.  ~ Patrick Dallongeville, Paris Move Magazine   (translated poorly from the French by Google)


"When an artist is compared to the late, great John Prine or any other exceptional icon, it’s bound to raise a few eyebrows amongst the unknowing. Regardless, with three previous albums to his credit in the span of the past three years, Bobbo Byrnes has already established himself as a spirited, though slightly tattered troubadour whose well-worn tales cut to the core of his homespun heartland persona. Byrnes’ new album SeaGreenNumber5, is inspired by a painting he did several years back, but in the spirit of rumination and introspection — specific mindsets that are especially these days in this pandemic period — it becomes a timely treatise on how we as 

individuals are attempting to cope with the challenges that are becoming an ongoing additive in our daily lives. While Byrnes never fails to inject an affable element into his music — songs such as “Queen of the Party,” “Running Back to You” and “Eveline” each reflect a decidedly upbeat demeanor — most of the album keeps to a low-cast tempo — easy, unhurried and markedly mellow as well. Pedal steel becomes a prominent part of the proceedings, but its tones are soothing rather than somber, reassuring in a way that only the sweetest sounds tend to be. 

Happily then, Byrnes seems content in his new role as a reassuring storyteller whose only concern seems to be finding a connection with an audience seeking a respite from today’s turbulence and turmoil. To that end, he’s also made use of his time in Covid confinement to organize online shows that aid the efforts of various charities both here and abroad. Where the critics have been eager to tout his accomplishments in the past, his current concerns ought to add to his accolades accordingly. 

Granted, the new album marks a change from his once feisty demeanor and earlier albums that were marked by a toughness and tenacity. The gentle sway of songs such as ”Every Sound That Crashes,” the lilting instrumental “Geo’s Jig” and the tender caress of “Sight of Me” each attest to his ability to express this quieter and more contemplative persona. It doesn’t get much nicer than this."  ~Lee Zimmerman, The Daily Ripple (Author of Americana Music ) 


MusicFarmer5 correspondent Wolf Georgia coming at you today with a brand new review for retro rocker turned modern rockstar BOBBO BYRNES and his track “Queen of the Party.” It’s hard to find people like Bobbo Byrnes - there’s barely anybody out there as talented a songwriter as him. Last time I heard someone as down-to-earth and authentic as Bobbo is Tom Petty, God rest his soul. 

Queen of the Party starts with a upbeat drums and a bright chord progression. I am catching hints of The Cure, The Clash, Tom Petty, and so many other fantastic rock bands from the golden days. We are thrust immediately into a world of musical integrity and creativity - I can’t stress how amazing it is for me to come across music like this! 

After the first impression (intro) establishes my expectations for the rest of the song, Bobbo takes it up a notch and starts to sing. It feels REAL! There is a nice breezy “Flaming Lips” clarity to his voice, and it’s so, so easy to listen to. Many singers blow it with music like this - not Bobbo. 

Coupled with awesome guitar solos, soaring violin, and beautiful female backup harmonies, this track is really a keeper. Check it out Bobbo Byrnes on the FRESHLY FARMED Spotify Playlist, or at the links below!  ~ MusicFarmer5 


"The American songwriter and musician, as well as singer  Bobbo Byrnes is back! Less than a year, but about 10 months after the release of his last album  The Red Wheelbarrow and the music video for  Angelina  ,  The Fallen Stars Members is back and presents with  SeaGreenNumberFive his new, fourth full-length album, in which he again goes on the quality offensive and by him written numbers presented in which one likes to feel. Coupled out of this eleven-title opus is the lead single  Queen Of The Party   , which will now be discussed in more detail. 

With a certain country flair,  Queen Of The Party introduces directly in an impressive way and consists of an ensemble of banjo sounds in the lead, steel guitar in rhythm, driving and warm bass, as well as light drums. With dedication and dexterity, an instrumental sounds here that stands for high artistic and compositional standards and can convince directly with a cheerful tone sequence. The main aspect regarding the melodic alignment of  Queen Of The Party is the definitely talented voice of the artist, who is called  Bobbo Byrnes . Accompanied by female voices in the choir, which give the song a certain topping in terms of vocals, but can only be heard briefly in the chorus, Bobbo Byrnes couldbut definitely convince entirely with his voice alone. Slight deposits of the violin in the lead and banjosolos loosen up the well-established arrangement, which is largely true to its line, and give  Queen Of The Party a certain relaxing part between two choruses. In cheerful jargon and with a sound design between modern singer & songwriting as well as traditional folk or country,  Bobbo Byrnes can convince here and rightly so. As if he wanted to add one more thing, there is finally an acoustic certificate for talent in the form of a banjo solo. 

Conclusion: Also with Queen Of The Party (probably a sequel to Angelina?) Bobbo Byrnes convinces  , who always surprises as a talented singer, composer and songwriter. Friends of handmade guitar jewelry are at the right place!"  ~ Shewolf.eu  July 6, 2020  (Google Translated from the German) 


Bobbo Byrnes is carrying on a tradition as old as music itself. Long before all of the “Alt-This” and “That-Hop” genres existed, singer/songwriters were trekking back and forth across these great United States with guitars in hand and stories to tell. The Massachusetts native grew up dreaming of Hockey stardom, until he found Jack Kerouac. Reading the nomadic tales of that legendary beat poet inspired Bobbo into a life on the road. 

In normal non-COVID times, you’ll find Byrnes hitchhiking, touring and collecting stories. Like his own music version of “On the Road,” his songs represent the retelling of those accumulated tales. He performed over 300 gigs across the United States and Europe in 2018 and 2019. When the world pivots back to stability you can be sure he will once again be out there, looking for kicks. 

“Seagreennumber5” is his fourth solo release in as many years. The prolific songwriter has also produced a series of albums over the past decade with his bands “The Fallen Stars” and “Riddle and the Stars.” His sound exists in that Americana space created by artists like Paul Westerberg of The Replacements and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. The style is one part Country, one part Alternative and one part “punk rocker turned folk singer.” 

"Queen of the Party” is the new single and opening track from “Seagreennumber5.” The track is an excellent example of all the above. Bobbo sings of his admiration for a female kindred spirit. The “Queen” is a singer/songwriter like Bobbo, moving from town to town and gig to gig. She is, “Preaching Country gospel like an old time evangelist.” The song hits all the marks for a great Alt-Country song. Accompanied by the Nashville-style ensemble of guitar, bass, drums, mandolin and lap steel, Byrnes tells his tale with a knowing Rock & Roll smirk and just a hint of Country twang. 

Check out “Queen of the Party” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Bobbo Byrnes, and keep an eye out for him out there on the road."   ~ Staticdive.com  July 6, 2020 


"Bobbo Byrnes is a singer/songwriter that is just as charming as he is talented. On his latest album, Seagreennumber5, he finds a way to mix a bunch of compelling thoughts and enjoyable genres. One of my favorite songs from Seagreennumber5 is “Queen of the Party.” 

On “Queen of the Party,” Bobbo Byrnes sings pleasantly about this elegant woman that knows how to impress folks in any room that she walks in. What I love most about the song is that it features a chorus that is memorable, lyrics that are moving, and melodies that are infectious. The song also gives off vibes that are beyond heartwarming. All in all, “Queen of the Party” is gold in every single way. 

Listen to “Queen of the Party” at the top of the page. Also, listen to Seagreennumber5 HERE!"   ~ RatingsGameMusic.com  July 6, 2020 


Bobbo Byrnes is a singer/songwriter. On June 19th 2020, he released his debut (??) album “Seagreennumber5”. In this article, we’ll be focusing on one track from the album titled “Queen of The Party”, the first on the release. 

As the track kicks off you can hear all sorts, plenty of acoustic guitar, lap steel and there’s a mandolin doing some cool stuff. “Queen Of The Party” doesn’t waste no time in kicking off. Bobbo’s vocals remind us of Tom Petty for sure, which is a nice touch. As the track moves forward, other elements are added too. 

The structure of the tune keeps our attention. It doesn’t lose any of its flow and none of it feels forced. There’s a part where we think it’s winding down (around the two-minute-forty-seconds part) but it doesn’t, a nice bit of a musical tease. This is a well-produced piece of music. The mix is good too, as we listen through headphones every space is filled. What we can only describe as an audible hug. Definitely a track for a road-trip. 

“Queen of The Party” is a good start to an album, a calm one at that. It’s a well put together piece of music that’s for sure. A nice easing listening experience for fans of all genres. 

Listen to “Queen of The Party” by Bobbo Byrnes on Spotify. You can follow him on Instagram and be sure to check out his official website.  ~ CallThatMusic 


Anyone who name checks Kerouac as a philosophical mentor and Springsteen as sonic benchmark is always going to be okay by me. Last time around I noted some cool Steve Earle influences and infusions going on in Angelia and this latest song does little to change my opinion of what well-worn records are probably in Bobbo Byrnes vinyl collection. Then again why would anyone want to do that? 

Queen…is a cool collection of mellifluous folk mandolins and shimmering country guitars, a tale of small people looking for their place in a big world drawn from a wonderful and intricate sonic palette. It gently lilts and soothes as it reminds us that you have to get out there and live life to the full. 

Does the Queen of The Party realize her dream? Was she alright…as her Mama predicted? And where did she end up? Who knows! The important thing is that she went out and embraced possibilities and potential, and hopefully lived life to the maximum. And so should you.  ~ Dancing about Architecture July 7, 2020 


"When you literally name your new single ‘Queen of the Party’ you need to be able to back up these statements with music which will turn heads, and Bobbo Byrnes has managed to achieve this without hesitation! 

It is clear to see that Bobbo Byrnes spent most of their his time crafting and polishing the sound and the proof is definitely in the pudding. 

‘Queen of the Party’ has a soft and breezy vibe within the layers about the record, you’re left with no doubt that this is a perfect track to settle your feet into the party or on a beach with a cocktail watching the sun going down whilst making sure the actual Queen of the Party is looked after on the dancefloor. 

Bobbo Byrnes has a strong commanding tone in his voice, which allows the lyrics to form into pictures in your mind and you get to play out the meaning of the track. You can’t help but notice a touch of 80’s rock pop in the feel of this record, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing which they have made very relevant for today’s scene. 

This isn’t a song which is designed to crash about and fling the sand around with your feet, this is a song to enjoy as it washes over you."   ~ Camden Monthly 


Bobbo Byrnes is back on the scene with a new single: Queen Of The Party 

Heartwarming country melodies and personal lyrics. 

July 2020 - Artist and songwriter Bobbo Byrnes knows a thing or two about creating powerful music with a distinctive twist. His sound features prominently country and folk influences, but he isn’t shy when it comes to opening up to styles such as pop and even rock. His most recent single “Queen Of The Party” is a fun and upbeat song with a soothing melody. The acoustic backdrop, prominently featuring acoustic guitars and mandolins, works so well with the dreamy lap steel leads as well as Bobbo’s distinctive vocals. If you are a fan of artists such as Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle, this one is definitely going to be your cup of tea! 

“Queen Of The Party” is actually featured on Bobbo’s brand new studio album, Seagreennumber5, of which it is also one of the best tracks! Find out more about Bobbo Byrnes, and check out Queen Of The Party, which is currently available on the web’s best music streaming platforms. ~Bandcamp Diaries 


"As prolific as he is gifted, singer-songwriter Bobbo Byrnes is back with a new album that comes on the heels of a parade of excellent solo LPs as well as his role with the Fallen Stars and Riddle and the Stars. Byrnes brings the same adventuresome spirit he has explored with the Fallen Stars to his exciting new solo album SeaGreenNumber5. The mix of acoustic folk and Americana soundscapes are used in the service of originals that are poignant and intimate; these are songs that draw in the listener with winning melodies and nuanced lyrics. Byrnes is expert in tapping into traditional influences and making them his own, as evidenced by the exuberant "Queen Of The Party," breezy "When We Ride," spirited skip "Eveline," sparse baroque ballad "Every Sound That Crashes" and Celtic-flavored instrumental "Geo's Jig." The album's energetic spirit is bolstered by the surrounding cast of players including bassist-vocalist Tracy Byrnes, percussionist Matt Froehlich, fiddler Georgiana Hennessy, pedal steel player Jeremy Long and backing vocalists Jen Moraca and Tawny Ellis."  ~Rock 'n' Roll Truth 


Bobbo Byrnes is a singer/songwriter who embodies the style of “storyteller” with his original music. Originally picking up the guitar as a means of finding himself, Bobbo gradually developed his own unique style of songwriting. As a true believer in the Kerouac philosophy of hitchhiking and storytelling, Bobbo Byrnes has performed for most of his life whilst traveling. 

The combination of well balanced instrumentation, a storytelling songwriting approach, and a strong vocal performance, create a single that fans of Bobbo Byrnes, as well as those who appreciate new and creative independent music, will definitely want to hear. Make sure you follow Bobbo Byrnes on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances!  ~Woke Chimp 


One of the true delights of the country music world can be found in the catalog of singer and songwriter Bobbo Byrnes. I had the honor of learning about the songster’s innovative and compelling work in my review of Byrnes’ magical tune Mrs. What’s His Name. Widely-known for his cinematic lyricism, Byrnes unveils his latest offering titled Queen of the Party from the album Seagreennumber5. 

Byrnes has gifted his audience with a sparkling fresh melody that features top-notch musicianship led by a smorgasbord of acoustic guitar strums in conversational musings with a swelling electric guitar. Queen of the Party hosts a layered melody with Byrnes at the helm of both the composition and the depth of the song’s inspiring harmonization. it is a moving piece and an introspective look at the lifestyle of a hometown glamour girl.  ~ Warlock Asylum International News. 


With a name like Bobbo Byrnes, I am already anticipating something super fun & highly original and I have to say that this singer/songwriter did not let me down! The latest single titled “Queen of the Party” is off of Bobbo’s new album called ‘SeaGreenNumber5’. This song is dedicated to all of the female musicians and singer-songwriters that continue to inspire Bobbo Byrnes. So Ladies, this one’s for you! 

“Queen of the Party” is written by Bobbo Byrnes & Morgan Keating and includes the following players: Bobbo on guitar, mandolin and vocals, Tracy Byrnes on bass and vocals, Matt Froehlich on drums and vocals, Georgiana Hennessy on violin, Jen Moraca on vocals and Jeremy Long on pedal steel. You can SKOPE out the official music video for “Queen of the Party” right here: 

Right from the start, this track will peek your interests and have your eardrums buzzing with excitement. “Queen of the Party” offers the listener a really cool, laid-back style that is beyond appealing. I am picking up on elements of: country, rock and folk in what comes across as a fresh, Americana mix. The vocals and guitar stand out to me on “Queen of the Party” with fan-friendly pitches and catchy chords. Bobbo Byrnes & company supplies a killer vibe on the new single where the audience will simply get lost within the music. 

Bobbo Byrnes is your musical chaperon for this “Party” and this special shindig is not over until ALL of the ladies sing! “Queen of the Party” is a great number full of zest and definitely well-written material overall. Bobbo Byrnes delivers a lively punch of hip Americana that is sure to quench your thirst for good tunes on a hot, summer day.  ~ Skope Magazine 


"A fantastic chamber country folk feeling runs through Bobbo Byrnes’ lovely “Queen of the Party”. Done with such care he incorporates a wide slew of instruments within the lovely mix. Sunlight absolutely drenches the whole thing for the sheer sense of joy feels outright palpable. Everything works from the careful rhythms to the gorgeous slide guitar. The communal spirit of the track further empathizes a sense of togetherness for it all has a gorgeous hue. With a sheer swath of color brought into the fray it has a kaleidoscopic spirit. His elegant arrangement and poetic delivery at times recalls the highly polished perfection of the Fleet Foxes in terms of its sheer celebratory mood. 

Nor does Bobbo Byrnes miss a beat for the song comes out swinging. Layer upon layer is brought into focus as the song evolves in unexpectedly beautiful ways. The cinematic scope comes from the sweeping quality of the piece the way it positively shines with an undue degree of brightness. Elements intermingle in a way that feels fully fantastic. A chorus comes together further adding to the joyous attitude of the piece. By letting things bloom in full it all has a living, breathing poignancy to it. Volume is an absolute must for this is a song best experience in a physical sense to fully capture the strong interplay of the band. 

“Queen of the Party” reveals Bobbo Byrnes to be a crafter of soulful, stylish folk that feels so light and airy."  ~BeachSloth 


“SeaGreenNumber5” (yes, everything written together) is the title of the latest album by the alt.country and American singer and songwriter Bobbo Byrnes from southern California. It is the follow-up to his albums “Motel Americana” from 2017, “Two Sides To This Town” from 2018 and “The Red Wheelbarrow” from last year. All three received a very favorable review from the undersigned. 

He releases his records as a solo artist in addition to albums that he records with his group "The Fallen Stars", a band in which his wife Tracy Byrnes also plays bass guitar. She is back again on “SeaGreenNumber5” as bass player and backing vocalist. Bobbo Byrnes himself plays mandolin, accordion, piano, pedal steel and banjo on this album, in addition to guitars, while Matt Froehlich plays drums, Jeremy Long plays pedal steel guitar and Georgiana Hennessy plays violin and viola. Additional backing vocals are sung on this eleven new song album by Jen Moraca and Tawny Ellis. 

The trade press praises Bobbo Byrnes for his way of telling stories in the songs that are always built around a strong melody. Comparisons of his work with that of his colleagues such as Bruce Springsteen, Paul Westerberg and Ryan Adams are therefore not unjustified. As with all his previous albums, we note here again some very strong songs such as the on the video “Queen Of The Party”, a musical tribute to the many female singer-songwriters from the Americana scene. 

Other fun new songs are “When We Ride”, “Every Sound That Crashes” (see lyrics video), “December”, “Sight Of Me”, “Running Back To You”, “Somewhere Else” and “10,000 Miles” in which he sings about loneliness during his many long tours throughout the United States. Compared to his previous records, the accompanying music has been kept quite sober and sometimes completely acoustic, which perhaps makes his lyrics stand out even better. That musician Bobbo Byrnes also has his heart in the right place is evident from his initiative to set up an online show during the corona crisis to raise money for Orange County Food Bank, the local food bank in Garden Grove, California. so that no less than 6,800 meals could be distributed to the poor and needy. 

~ Rootstime (Belgium) 


"Bobbo Byrnes is one of the most prolific songwriters on the scene today. A former new Englander, now based in California, Byrnes travels the planet playing his music where ever anyone cares to listen...and listen they should. He has a special talent for taking everyday happenings that most of us take for granted, processing the nuances, then articulating it in a song. Not an easy feat, yet Byrnes makes it all look easy. 
On his latest offering. SeaGreenNumber5, Byrnes entered Wandering Star Studios in Anaheim, California along with his wife Tracy Byrnes on bass & vocals, Matt Froehlich on cajon, tambourine and vocals, Georgiana Hennessy on violin and viola, Jeremy Long on Pedal Steel and Jen Moraca & Tawny Ellis on background vocals to create a wondrous 11-song body of work. 
Notable tracks include "Queen of the Party", "Favorite Photograph", "Eveline", the beautiful "Every Sound That Crashes", the Celtic flavored "Geo's Jig", and "Running Back to You." Bravo!" 

~Metronome Magazine September 2020 


The Alternate Root - Top Ten for September 2020 - "Every Sound That Crashes".  http://www.thealternateroot.com/topten090220.html 


"It sounds like Ryan Adams and his band Whiskeytown" (from home) 

Bobbo Byrnes is a singer songwriter who probably read too much Jack Kerouac in his youth, which made him a vagabond at heart. His touring in the US and Europe has given him the basis for his songwriting. Now Bobbo has returned home to California where he has recorded Sea Green Number 5 in Wandering Star Studios, Anaheim, CA with 7 fellow musicians in the studio. 

It sounds like Ryan Adams and his band Whiskeytown, but even after 2000 when Ryan went solo, I think the similarities remain. Ryan is a very productive artist who varies on the many albums he has released. On Bobbo Byrne's album, I suggest you start with: Nr1 Queen Of The Party, Nr2 Favorite Photograph, Nr3 When We Ride, Nr5 December and Nr10 Running Back To You. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 

~ MusicBloggen67 (Sweden) 


"Bobbo Byrnes has won the heart of Americana reviewers with his narrative singer / songwriter country. Parallels have been 
drawn to both Bruce Springsteen and Paul Westerberg, but it may be time to stretch the whole thing; Byrnes is not as intense as 
Springsteen and not as fierce as Westerberg. In return, Byrnes has a pleasant freedom of choice on the plus account. He does not 
sit and mumble self-absorbedly in the hipster beard but points outwards. The songs are decent but a bit anonymous - he is best 
in his most melancholic moments, that is, in "When We Ride", "December" and "Every Sound That Crashes". Incidentally, fine use 
of steel guitar, violin and mandolin." 

~ Monomagasin (Sweden) 


The multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Boston relocated with his wife Tracy to southern California. The couple play together there as The Fallen Stars and found shelter with Ben Riddle as Riddle & The Stars. Above all, it is solo work by Byrnes such as Motel Americana and Two Sides To This Town, filled times solid roots rock that demands our attention. 

The SeaGreenNumber5, packaged in one of his paintings, is a bit slower without lapsing into dull, sedate states. Byrnes exchanged his Telecaster for six and twelve-string acoustic guitars, mandolin and pedal steel, the B3 Hammond was exchanged for an accordion. For example, Byrnes' songs come out even better in beautiful country-like tracks such as Queen Of The Party, which refers to sinful places and local 'sweethearts of the rodeo'. The voice of one of the sweethearts we hear in the background is that Tracy, who forms the familiar rhythm section together with percussionist Matt Froehlich. 

Another ubiquitous woman is Georgina Hennessy who contributes to a more rustic sound with her violin escapades. By the way, she can go wild for a while on the fiddle Geo’s Gig, an elegant instrumental. The melancholic Favorite Photograph and the fingerpicker Eveline, also laced with female vocals, catch the ear when first listening. Byrnes often collaborates with Ben Riddle and that results in the sparkling road song 10,000 Miles, with electric guitar and a nice subtlty of Running Back To You. 

After Somewhere Else, which roams on wide pedal-steel tones, we know for sure, Bobbo Byrnes adds a surprisingly pleasant episode to his repertoire in his latest piece of work. 

~ Written in Music (Sweden) 


After months of touring around the US & Europe, Bobbo Byrnes returned home to California and recorded the skin-deep and mostly acoustic 11 tracks on the album "SeaGreenNumber5" (From Home). A record where the textual common thread is mostly about looking for its fixed point in life. 

Byrne's discography is straight through high class from the time as one of the members of The Fallen Stars, the collaboration with Ben Riddle in Riddle & The Stars, and in recent years as a solo artist. 

An alt.country, Americana supplier of excellent class who without a doubt can stand the comparison with Springsteen, Paul Westerberg & Ryan Adams when it comes to shaping musical works of art that hit in the heart is undoubtedly worth a much larger crowd of followers. 

Popgeni (Sweden) 


A Gentle Alternative to both Alt. and Country Themselves. 

I've really liked Byrnes' last two releases; especially Red Wheelbarrow; so was surprised to see a review of SeaGreenNumber5 turn up on my Twittery timeline a couple of months ago; and then, 'as if by magic' said Promo Copy arrived a week later. 
Sadly; because it had already been released it kept getting put on and off the 'to do' pile in the office; but I keep getting drawn back to it in the car or on my 'day off' .... Sundays. 

Why would that be, you might well ask. 

Well; it's a departure from Red Wheelbarrow, that's for sure; but the songs and Byrnes' distinctive weary voice are exactly what I've wanted and needed to hear recently. 

Opening track, Queen of The Party is an absolute doozy of an Alternative to both Alt. and Country itself; while serving both genres admirably. Part Roger McGuinn (and the Byrds get a subtle mention), part Gram Parsons and even a little part one of my favourite Northern Irish singers; Anthony Toner .... but always Bobbo Byrnes; that's for sure. 

Art first When We Ride sounded like a Tom Russell cowboy song; but the more it's evolved it sounds more in the vein of Neil's Unknown Legend; as it's beautifully windswept and charismatic, which says a lot about Byrnes intricate way with words and melodies. 
That last sentence holds true throughout; most noticeably on the majestic Eveline, 10,000 Miles and Running Back To You, which all twist the melancholy out of his love stories like very few of his contempories ever manage. 

Tucked away in the middle is a lovely surprise; Geo's Jig ....... which as the titles implies is just that; a sweet and winsome Celtic instrumental with some extraordinary guitar and mandolin playing throughout. 

As you may expect; choosing a single Favourite Song here has been far from easy for me; December is as dark and despondent as you'd expect from such a title on such an album; especially when he sings about ignoring the 'unanswered phone ringing while he drinks his breakfast beer;' as Jeremy Long makes his pedal-steel sound like tears running down a ruddy cheek. 

Then; there's album closer; Somewhere Else with it's intriguing intro; angry acoustic guitar playing and words so sad, they will squeeze your heartstrings until you can't breathe ....... but in a good way. 

One of my Favourite Songs of all times is Favourite Photograph Of You by Guy Clark; and while I should therefore have haughtily sniffed at Bobbo Byrnes song, Favourite Photograph coming along in the same vein; but I can't. 

This duet (with Tracy Byrnes on harmonies) is every inch as stunning and stinging as Clark's song and has me on the edge of my seat, holding my breath every time I hear it. So the title of RMHQ Favourite Song goes to Favourite Photograph. 
Discovering and 'promoting' the works of acts like Bobbo Byrnes is why I started this whole reviewing malarkey; even though it shouldn't really be necessary when this is his tenth release under his own name and/or with his band The Fallen Stars; but with so much competition out there I sometimes feel I am a lone voice in the wilderness ...... so buy SeaGreenNumber5 or be damned to Hell! 

~The Rocking Magpie 



Now here we have an Americana Singer/Songwriter album in a laid-back TOM PETTY style. 11 songs are included on the new album of the American musician BOBBO BYRNES. He is assisted by a couple of musicians on this nice little record of his, which mostly goes in a somewhat calmer direction, with a focus on acoustic guitar playing and Bobbo's strong passionate vocals. Highlights include Queen of the party, When we ride and Sight of me. For more info please go to: www.bobbobyrnes.com 

(Points: 7.7 out of 10) 


Recorded in Bobbo Byrnes' living room , SeaGreenNumber5 (self-released) is a bit quieter than the barroom rock that he usually serves. Not bad at all, because that makes Queen Of The Party at the beginning of the album more country than we are used to from him. Jeremy Long plays a great piece of pedal steel on the song. An instrument that Byrnes himself also plays, in addition to guitars (also twelve-string ones), mandolin, accordion, piano and banjo. Byrnes is quite Byrdsy from the corneron Favorite Photograph . And  Eveline actually has a bit of Paul Westerberg from Replacements. But as said, most of the material is quite quiet. On the American's site, he lets you know with whom he is usually on stage. His wife Tracy Byrnes (bass, vocals) of course, but otherwise he plays in California with his band Fallen Stars, on the east coast with a duo that calls themselves Two-Fifths. In Germany he has a set of regular supervisors and in Austria others. And when Ben Riddle is around, they'll perform as Riddle & The Stars. They are no doubt eager to go on a journey again. Along the highways and sights they sing about on Somewhere Else . 

~ Alt Country.NL 


After the very good record from 2019, "The Red Wheelbarrow", the singer / songwriter Bobbo Byrnes is following up, and with SeaGreenNumber5 he has again achieved an impressive album, very intimate and very close in mood and expression. Under the umbrella of the term Americana, a perfect amalgamation of folk, rock, country and music in the singer / songwriter mode has succeeded, which is very impressive. 

Has recorded Byrnes made this record in Anaheim, California after a few months touring Europe and the US. The music is strongly accentuated on an acoustic direction and, in terms of the subject matter, is strongly linked to personal experiences of daily life, especially those of the protagonist. So he lets us as storytellers participate in it in a very catchy and personable way, also with regard to the singing. 

"Queen Of The Party" starts with a thick touch of bluegrass / country, the acoustic guitars and the irresistible sound of the pedal steel signal a very cozy atmosphere, which is perfectly complemented by the fiddle. Bobbo looks a bit "stripped down" and his colleagues even more intense in expression, this music radiates an incredible amount of warmth. Ultimately, this applies to all ten original compositions and the third-party title "Somewhere Else", "Favorite Photograph" even manages without much instrumentation, acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals, and we have a wonderful song with a strong charisma. 

And these pearls are lined up on a string, the result is round and successful, this atmosphere gets under your skin, for me this is the musician's best record so far! So he should join the front row of American singer / songwriters, because with this release he deserves it. And if you still don't believe it, you should see more highlights like "Sight Of Me" 

19 out of 20 rating. 

~ Musik an sich 


"Active as always, Californian roots rocker Bobbo Byrnes comes out with a new album perhaps slightly more acoustic and country than the previous ones, inspired by a vein that not even the difficult times of the pandemic have held back. "SeaGreenNumber5" sees the support of his wife Tracy on bass, of the percussion of Matt Froehlich, of the violin and viola of Georgiana Hennessy and of the pedal steel of the good Jeremy Long, while the vocal harmonies make a fine show of themselves Jen Moraca and the excellent Tawny Ellis in a sequence where the atmospheres suspended between country music and songwriting form a truly enjoyable and satisfying picture. Inspired and talented multi-instrumentalist, Bobbo Byrnes, in a work of artisanal charm, plays his cards by providing a substantial musical base to the guitars, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel, piano and accordion on which he interprets, perhaps with a voice not particularly wide as an extension but all in all delicate and pleasant, stories of travel and love in the most classic Californian tradition and school. "Queen Of The Party", "Favorite Photograph", "Eveline", "Every Sound That Crashes", "10,000 Miles" and "Running Back To You" form the subtle but strong 'red thread' to bind an excellent new series of songs that keep Mr. Byrnes' creative ability high." 

Lonestar Time (Italy) 


"Recorded in Bobbo Byrnes' living room , SeaGreenNumber5 (self-released) is a bit quieter than the barroom rock that he usually serves. Not bad at all, because that makes Queen Of The Party at the beginning of the album more country than we are used to from him. Jeremy Long plays a great piece of pedal steel on the song. An instrument that Byrnes himself also plays, in addition to guitars (also twelve-string ones), mandolin, accordion, piano and banjo. Byrnes is quite Byrdsy from the song Favorite Photograph and Eveline actually has something from Paul Westerberg from Replacements. But as said, the majority of the material is fairly quiet. On the site of the American he lets you know with whom he is usually on stage. His wife Tracy Byrnes (bass, vocals) of course, but otherwise he plays in California with his band Fallen Stars, on the east coast with a duo that calls themselves Two-Fifths. In Germany he has a set of regular supervisors and others in Austria. And when Ben Riddle is around, they'll perform as Riddle & The Stars. Undoubtedly, they are eager to go on a journey again. Along the highways and sights they sing about on Somewhere Else ." 

Alt.Country.NL (Netherlands)


Bobbo Byrnes is a true troubadour and storyteller. That is no different on his latest record SeaGreenNumber5. Recorded at the Wandering Star Studios in Anaheim, California, Byrnes gives us a glimpse into his life. The result are eleven beautifully designed alternative country songs, each of which contains little stories in its own right (instrumental Geo Jig's aside). 

For example, at 10,000 Miles , we hear about the problems that a long-distance relationship entails. Byrnes tells his love to be strong and that he will be back home to be with her soon. December is a slow tearjerker that lets you go completely into the flow of the album. Driven on the pedal steel, a lost love won't let go of Byrnes. It's hard to be alone and not be able to be with the woman you belong to. But SeaGreenNumber5 isn't all about heartbreak. For example, Byrnes rides into the California sun with his love on When We Ride. The whole world is at their feet and nothing can take away that feeling. The diversity of the lyrics provides a clear balance on the album, indicating that there are good and bad periods in a relationship. The songs are all sensitive and intimately colored with pedal steel, acoustic guitar and fiddle sounds. In addition, it is all easy to handle and it is anything but heavy. SeaGreenNumber5 is an album to dream away and take in all the music. The interesting experiences that Bobbo Byrnes has gained only help in that. (BMI) Real Roots Cafe (translated from the Dutch)


Now here we have a nice Americana Singer/Songwriter album in a laid-back TOM PETTY style. 11 songs are included on the new album of the American musician BOBBO BYRNES. He is assisted by a couple of musicians on this nice little record of him, which mostly goes in a somewhat calmer direction, with a focus on acoustic guitarplaying and Bobbo's strong passionate vocals. Highlights include Queen of the party, When we ride and Sight of me. ~ Strutter Zine U.K.